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Bachelor of Professional Studies - BPS | Tennessee State University

Bachelor of Professional Studies - BPS

Major: Professional Studies
Concentration: Health Administration
Tennessee State University
Credit Hours Required: 120

Program Description

The healthcare field needs good managers to keep business and operations running smoothly. Healthcare administrators plan, direct, coordinate and supervise the delivery of healthcare in large facilities and group medical practices. Because the structure and financing of healthcare is changing rapidly, there is a need for administrators who are prepared to deal with the integration of healthcare delivery systems, technological innovations, a complex regulatory environment, and improved efficiencies and quality of care delivered.

Healthcare Administration focuses on classes in healthcare research, healthcare leadership management, trends and issues in healthcare, community health issues and services and international health. This degree concentration prepares students interested in entering the healthcare field in an administrative or managerial capacity.

The degree program and the courses that comprise it are offered through a cooperative development and delivery model among TBR institutions. The model provides a platform for TBR institutions to share valuable intellectual resources which enrich program offerings. 

As an online student, you gain access to highly-qualified faculty from both the campus where you are studying to earn your degree as well as other institutions across the TBR system. You gain exposure to a wide range of opinions, philosophies, perspectives and experiences that you might not otherwise obtain. The students in your classes are also from other institutions across the TBR system which further contributes to a unique online learning experience.

Who Should Apply?

This program is designed especially for adults who already have some college experience. It is also appropriate for students who have earned or are working on associate’s degrees and have work experience.