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Bachelor of Professional Studies - BPS | University of Memphis

Bachelor of Professional Studies - BPS

Major: Professional Studies
Concentration: Organizational Leadership
University of Memphis
Credit Hours Required: 120

Program Description

The Bachelor of Professional Studies with a concentration in Organizational Leadership promotes understanding of the nature of bureaucratic organizations and the fundamentals of administrative leadership. It allows students to reflect upon national and international organizational context and upon significant social and cultural issues raised in those contexts; and to promote skills in formal and interpersonal communication, including sensitivity to personal problems that have an impact upon the quality of work.

Career opportunities are wide-ranging and varied. The Bachelor’s of Professional Studies degree is designed as a degree-completion program. Credit hours earned through associate degree programs, other universities, military transfer credits, and/or credit awarded for certifications may be applied toward the 120-credit hours needed to earn the degree.

The degree consists of a common general education core, an upper division professional core, as well as an organizational leadership concentration combined with elective credits to meet the 120 credit hours for graduation. The bachelor’s degree in Professional Studies provides an opportunity for a seamless transition from the associate degree in order to help meet an individual student’s educational and career goals. Students work closely with their academic advisors in determining their curriculum requirements.

The degree program and the courses that comprise it are offered through a cooperative development and delivery model among TBR institutions. The model provides a platform for TBR institutions to share valuable intellectual resources which enrich program offerings. 

As an online student, you gain access to highly-qualified faculty from both the campus where you are studying to earn your degree as well as other institutions in Tennessee. You gain exposure to a wide range of opinions, philosophies, perspectives and experiences that you might not otherwise obtain. The students in your classes are from other institutions across Tennessee which further contributes to a unique online learning experience.  

Who Should Apply?

This degree concentration especially benefits those in human relations, marketing, business communication or other management areas who are interested in career advancement possibly at their current workplace.